Friday, 27 December 2019

Morning Ritual

Well, I'm back on track with Conversations with You and I'm happy to share about a morning ritual.

For years I enjoyed my morning coffee chatting with my best friends. We always explored the metaphysical meanings of our life experiences. These conversations deeply helped me to heal and grow as a person. Today I still begin my day in a sacred way. I choose Runes to make sense of my NOW, I may pick a Sacred Path Card ( love Native teachings compiled by Jamie Sams) and often, I sit across from my lovely wife who reads inspirational quotes. Any of these morning activities have become dear to my heart.  My morning coffee and wisdom sharing rituals provided me and my partner with quality time- moments to ponder, question, explore or analyze our lives; circumstances, in a safe, open and truthful way.

I believe that these morning conversations are what help me be more authentic and aware.  In sharing and listening, I discovered that intimacy with another is not about reaching out for acceptance, but rather it is being present for another while they reach inside to share of themselves. I am grateful that everyday morning readings teach me how to share and how to listen... Just like meditation, to LISTEN, truly listen, is a life long practice!

Recently I was given a mandala meditation book by my son.  Perhaps it's time to include an open eye mandala meditation at opposed to scrolling through instagram or facebook...hmmm, that little voice in my head screams out...  will I give rise to a new daily practice?

One way or another my inner-Guru is patient, watching each choice I make while that always-learning little-SELF knows that whatever I choose is PERFECT, always :-)

Many Blessings,