Sunday, 26 May 2013


Opening up your Pandora's Box requires a conscious, will-full decision to heal yourself. But what does it mean to heal?  Is it about your health?  Well, compromised health certainly is a great incentive to change your lifestyle choices and so is pain.  More often than not, it is the physical challenges you face that give you the courage to discover the root cause of what ails you.  The moment you decide and acknowledge to yourself;  " I need to change how I am living; who I am being; or who I am choosing to live with...." healing begins. It is a process of integrating healthy choices at all levels; the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sides of self and life.

In many Eastern traditions, it is said that an illness is first detected in your energy body then some time later, it shows up in the physical body as the tangible result. How quickly the energy imbalance manifests into a physical ailment often depends on how your mind and emotions respond to life's stress factors. (We could delve into the spiritual lessons of life threatening diseases and handicaps, but that's a whole different kind of blog :-)

There are so many different ways to heal yourself.  Some ways involve prescriptions by a doctor while other  options are considered holistic medicine. No matter what your preference is, most healers and doctors both agree that  how you feel, what you think and your beliefs affect your healing.  Sometimes pain and illness is so debilitating, how can you think positively!?
Consider these spiritual insights about illness and healing shared by clients over the years:

"Oh my, these headaches stem from my fear of figuring everything out for everyone else in my life. When I can't control what they do, I suffer and everyone else around me has to deal with me. So I am still at the centre of it all!"

" Every time I do not want to to do something, instead of communicating how I feel, I become sick. It is usually stomach related."

" When my life feels out of control, my lower back hurts. Literally, I've thrown it out and have been flat on my back for days...when I do, everyone else can rescue me until I can deal with the everyday routine again. I feel terrible but that's when I get all the support I really need my life."

I would have a myriad of other insights to share but the focus here is to illustrate that awareness is the key. When you recognize how an illness or dis-ease actually is serving you to manage life, the healing possibilities are endless.  What is most challenging is to take full responsibility for what is showing up in your body, without being angry. You see, every step of the way, your body is trying to help you heal, even if it has to get your full attention via pain and discomfort. Try turning things around. Acknowledge the lessons. Be grateful for what you are learning about yourself and examine how you are really dealing with those around you. Ultimately, your body NEVER lies. It is helping you understand who you are and what you believe, deep inside. It's not trying to make you feel bad, it's simply showing you that it's time to see what you have been hiding from yourself for too long.

Discovering the root cause of illness and dis-ease may not be easy, but when you are aware of all the connections between you and your world of worries, fears, anger, expectations, disappointment... you can heal, deeply. When this insight is processed at all levels of your being, what heals in you, changes the world.



Monday, 20 May 2013

Seeing Change

Change is a funny thing. One day you wake up simply aware that something about you is different. It may be subtle, but you know that something has deeply shifted. You are at home with; comfortable with what you are feeling and experiencing, but as soon as you share your perception with loved ones or people who know you well...the budding changes gained may not survive the staying power of old patterns.  This morning in Mark Nepo' Book of Awakening, I was inspired by this reading: 

Breaking Patterns
We create patterns that others depend on, and then the last thing we ever imagined happens: we grow and change, and then to stay vital we must break the patterns we created... We know we are close to this when we hear someone say, "You are not yourself," or " That was out of character for you." What is difficult at this point is to resist either complying with how others see us or with holding who we really are.  
The challenge, which I don't do well but stay committed to, is to say to those we love, "I am more that I have shown you and more than you are willing to see. Let's work our love and know each other more fully."

Day in day out, I see clients who are seeking to embrace change within, but are challenged by the dynamics with those they love. I am very familiar with this journey, I think we all are.

What if you completely shifted perspective? Change has nothing to do with anyone in your life.. In fact, you can change the energy of chaos or sadness, simply by being grateful for those who are your catalysts. Begin to look at the dynamics between your Self and Others as your life learning stage/classroom.

Be the actor~ unmasked. If you are all players in this Home Theatre, choose to be the protagonist who will walk into the sunset, wiser, stronger and better for it.
The hero in this story knows his/her truth. It's all about You. And when you accept the change, no one can take that from you.  Everyday, every relationship dynamic is a new opportunity to be more heart created, to choose to create a more loving space for yourself. When this sinks into the core of yourself, it is a gift. A heart centered change that heals you and ultimately it serves those you love as well..



Saturday, 18 May 2013

Life Healing Sound

Don't you love starting your day off on a right note?

Every morning I take a moment to contemplate, observe how I feel and centre my mind with prayer, affirmations or a meditation. During this eyes open, yet not quite awake zone :-)   I receive divine guidance, solutions to problems, brilliant ideas and insights to create a better day. I highly recommend this to you, if you do not have an existing morning mindfulness ritual. That alone can heal and transform life...Ok back to my morning- When I awoke,  I immediately began recording my stream of thoughts...all great ideas and insights but, honestly? When I listened to myself,  I could not believe how much I yawned through the 5 minute blurb! Well these sounds, I'll keep to myself!  Instead, I write this short note to inform you that the name of my first series of videos showed up:  Life Healing Sound.  
Some videos will be only a few minutes of centering or clearing the self sound, while other video clips will introduce my innerLife coaching strategies.  My a.s.p.i.r.e. to abundance program is first on my list to share with you.
I would love to have a set look and feel, a signature to Life Healing Sound. I've asked for divine inspiration so I trust that it is on its way.


Friday, 17 May 2013

Getting Youtube Friendly

Great news! Next weekend I will be producing new meditations and chanting videos on Youtube.  It has taken way too long for me to claim and share my talents  as a sound healer with the world. For many years, I rarely surfed Youtube. I spent time seeking to market myself without accessing an audience! I now recognize that  it was fear. For over a year recording equipment sat idle, waiting for me to muster up the courage to put myself out there. At one point,  I did record a guided relaxation  on my Dell computer.It's amazing how we are our own worst critics and saboteurs...  I judged my effort as too simple and was disappointed with the sound quality. It did not do the bowls I use justice...Wow, last week I saw that 2500 people had checked out that 8 minute video

Too funny. I was really surprised. So this was a great Life Lesson! I was fully responsible for letting attachments limit my life.   Sound familiar? Being attached to appearance really feeds self sabotage. Good to know, REALLY ready to let that one go!

The time for sounding is now. I release all struggle and limitation. All of You, out there, are part of my commitment to enrich life. I am ready to share what I LOVE with you. Soon (and it can't happen fast enough :-) You will see, hear and feel what flows through me in private and group sound healing sessions. Thanks for your patience... I will keep you posted ;-)



Thursday, 16 May 2013

Conversations with You...

Today is the beginning of something new. I am blogging!.  The desire to communicate the spiritual views on the internet has finally inspired me to take the next step; to write.
Since the infamous winter life has exploded with change. The changes are happening everywhere and, I believe, with everyone It's time for people to wake up seek to make a difference doing what they love.  
there's a whole lot of people who are truly stepping into themselves. The healing stories I have had the privilege of hearing have moved me and now, more than ever, is the perfect time to create the space for all these transformational  insights and experiences to be heard. 

I approached Amy at Gusto Magazine to set up an interactive column with readers called Conversations with You(C).  In June's edition...the first of many columns to come is being printed.   Although I have been doing what I love for quite some time,  writing it down is like weeding a garden, it may be hard work but it is is essential if all plants are to thrive.  I know that the seeds I plant NOW will grow my life's work.  More than ever I am connecting with  many healers and seekers who are awake and aware. People like you and I  looking to make sense of life's challenges and to apply spiritual principles to their everyday experiences. I am always amazed how people can be healed by speaking their truth, their pain, their joys, their fears, and their insights.  It is what inspires me most-to know, to share and to learn- how the healing quests and pathways of people brings us back to love..

I came up with an image to brand the Conversations with you. Danielle, my daughter will re-design...It's wonderful to have an artist in the family! It will look a little different than this one, but I consider that this really compliments the colours and look of the innerLife solutions logo.