Thursday, 16 May 2013

Conversations with You...

Today is the beginning of something new. I am blogging!.  The desire to communicate the spiritual views on the internet has finally inspired me to take the next step; to write.
Since the infamous winter life has exploded with change. The changes are happening everywhere and, I believe, with everyone It's time for people to wake up seek to make a difference doing what they love.  
there's a whole lot of people who are truly stepping into themselves. The healing stories I have had the privilege of hearing have moved me and now, more than ever, is the perfect time to create the space for all these transformational  insights and experiences to be heard. 

I approached Amy at Gusto Magazine to set up an interactive column with readers called Conversations with You(C).  In June's edition...the first of many columns to come is being printed.   Although I have been doing what I love for quite some time,  writing it down is like weeding a garden, it may be hard work but it is is essential if all plants are to thrive.  I know that the seeds I plant NOW will grow my life's work.  More than ever I am connecting with  many healers and seekers who are awake and aware. People like you and I  looking to make sense of life's challenges and to apply spiritual principles to their everyday experiences. I am always amazed how people can be healed by speaking their truth, their pain, their joys, their fears, and their insights.  It is what inspires me most-to know, to share and to learn- how the healing quests and pathways of people brings us back to love..

I came up with an image to brand the Conversations with you. Danielle, my daughter will re-design...It's wonderful to have an artist in the family! It will look a little different than this one, but I consider that this really compliments the colours and look of the innerLife solutions logo.


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