Friday, 17 May 2013

Getting Youtube Friendly

Great news! Next weekend I will be producing new meditations and chanting videos on Youtube.  It has taken way too long for me to claim and share my talents  as a sound healer with the world. For many years, I rarely surfed Youtube. I spent time seeking to market myself without accessing an audience! I now recognize that  it was fear. For over a year recording equipment sat idle, waiting for me to muster up the courage to put myself out there. At one point,  I did record a guided relaxation  on my Dell computer.It's amazing how we are our own worst critics and saboteurs...  I judged my effort as too simple and was disappointed with the sound quality. It did not do the bowls I use justice...Wow, last week I saw that 2500 people had checked out that 8 minute video

Too funny. I was really surprised. So this was a great Life Lesson! I was fully responsible for letting attachments limit my life.   Sound familiar? Being attached to appearance really feeds self sabotage. Good to know, REALLY ready to let that one go!

The time for sounding is now. I release all struggle and limitation. All of You, out there, are part of my commitment to enrich life. I am ready to share what I LOVE with you. Soon (and it can't happen fast enough :-) You will see, hear and feel what flows through me in private and group sound healing sessions. Thanks for your patience... I will keep you posted ;-)



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