Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Freedom From Fear

It all begins with one thing: letting go of fear. Strange how much power we give over to fear. It can incapacitate you, keep you trapped in circumstances that you truly dislike. Ponder this for a moment; how much of your life is planned around avoiding fear? Fear of loss, fear of poverty or fear of being judged. Some fears are essential to keep us safe, but when you are a victim of your own thoughts, worries and shortcomings, how do you break free?

 For years now,  I have been exploring how to move beyond fear. Fears that I knew were inside of me that I simply did not understand, but that I fed. Waking up feeling insecure, ashamed, or depressed etc...All I knew was that my life revolved around letting go of my fears.  Day by day, I examined what I was doing, saying, and thinking that sabotaged my efforts to powerfully move ahead in my life's work.  Asking myself how I could teach about love in life, when I didn't deeply love the life I was living!

Everyday, I waited for something big to happen, for the sun to shine upon my life in a blessed way... My yoga practice had a huge balancing effect. Through all the self-analysis and exploration,  I stayed true to my healing art.  Some part of myself believed that the Red Sea would part and I would find myself in a different world, One that was not revolving around my fears!   Well, in many ways, that's exactly what happened.

Each time I faced my life's trials and tribulations, I grew. I changed my perspective. Things started changing inside me. Once I acknowledged the strengths and courage I had within   rather than focusing on what was not working or criticizing my efforts, I loved myself a little more. One day, I was so ok with myself that my youngest looked at me strangely and said, " ok who are you and what have you done with my Mother!"

The shift inside really started to show up in my healing work.   I developed numerous programs to help others. Ultimately, what I taught or facilitated arose from the unconscious desire to design a successful formula. One that would resolve my own day to day life!  Looking back now, it's so obvious!   Each client and every student became a mirror, helping me to recognize patterns, to see the self-denial and to identify their source and reason for existence. Today I can honestly say that it is heart warming to know that as I resolved those issues in me, I observed that it served others as well, that was a most powerful healing gift and insight.

I witnessed in many different ways and in so many individuals how empowering it was to learn from fears! In fact, some clients truly mastered  fears that had gripped them for years.  I am now certain that when you've resolved a fear within yourself, it is a gift to all. As you share the rich knowledge of your experiences, you enrich the life of others!

So who holds true power? YOU. All of you is needed to move through fear. Your heart, your body and your mind at some point, must unite. When you've chosen that  fear no longer has the right to lead your life, everyday leads to freedom.



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  1. Excellent post. This is something I struggle with. Cheers