Sunday, 9 June 2013

The Give Away Ceremony

This New Moon weekend has been life altering.
When I adopted the name HeartSong on FaceBook at 3:00 in the morning on June 8th :-)...I declared that HeartSong is debt free. I decreed that everyday, HeartSong is centered in abundance. THAT declaration invited the Universe to PLAY BALL with me. lol.

Stephanie who lives with debt (& who is truly learning to embrace BEing HeartSong) had to step up to the plate. 

In a very short time frame I had to learn:
How to ASK
How to GIVE
A few hours ago the Universe honestly threw me a curve ball... and let me assure you that I did not even know that I had stepped into the batting pit!  Bear with me as I give you the background that leads up to the lesson....

I ASKED and prayed to Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance to help me receive what I needed to pay for the car repairs and my healing studio expenses. It had been a slow month.   Well, when I arrived in Dundas, Friday night, Buskerfest was in full swing. I heard loudly in my head ~read Tarot.  So I was guided to Adrian's store on King and people lined up for readings. I felt deeply blessed. I worked Buskerfest the entire weekend, facilitated Sound and Silence Saturday night, had a Sunday morning client before going back to the Fest until 6 pm. I received all that I needed. Stephanie HeartSong was in the flow and very grateful. Lakshmi's prosperity chants, may have had something to do with it too:-)

When I left Sunday night, I decided to treat myself to dinner. I had $40 extra.once everything was paid. I stopped in a number of places. Not one felt right. Just as I was going to head home, I decided on Sushi. I parked the car. On my way in, a street person approached me...saying 'I need $20 for the the Y'.  This seventy year old man desperately needed this money more than me...he then asked for more for the other $20 in my hand for reasons that are not important. I looked into his eyes, behind the pain and darkness was a ring of deep blue. This man was coloured....dark eyes are to be expected norm, but in that moment I saw something that I cannot explain. I gave him the other $20 and stepped back into my car to head home. It was such a strange encounter. Driving,  I realized that over the last few days, I had ASKED for help; I RECEIVED assistance and kindness from many who went out of their way to help me with the car trouble issues and I had even been offered advance session payments from regular clients which I had gratefully ACCEPTED....BUT I had not given out any actual money to anyone or for anything.

This man served as a healing angel for me. He helped to heal a fear that has lived inside me as Stephanie for a long time. The fear of not having enough... When I arrived home...still not fully aware of everything that had just transpired, I casually picked a Self Mastery card on the kitchen table. It read:
Healing: Gradually my old self falls away, my sorrow is lost and my anxiety fades. As a master I experience irreversible positive change. I become whole.

I fell into my chair, whole-heartedly thanking the Universe for this test.   Stephanie could have given him change and walked into the restaurant.  To this encounter I had brought fatigue, hunger and resentment that $40 was what I had left to bring home from a $1000 weekend of work.  I now understand that there actually was great energetic significance to this $40. (I figured that the Universe intentionally aimed the curve ball to hit me right in the brow!  lol).  What a blessing. This man gave me an invaluable gift;  abundance.

Feeling more and more connected to living love,



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